Chicken Coops


The Quaker hen house series has a distinctive roof line overhang that is inspired by century old barn styles. This style maximizes head space in the interior.


The Dutch hen house boasts a quaint hip roof, making it look like a miniature barn. This roof line optimizes usable interior space.


The A-Frame is a classic style favored by many. With simple straight lines and beautiful trim, it has its own touch of class. 


The Lean-To is alovely little space saver. It is designed to allow you to set it agaimst a building or wall. Find the size that is right for you. 


The tractor style hen house is a conveniently movable cage and run combo. This allows you to keep the chickens on fresh grass by easily moving it on to the next spot. 


The combination series boasts a hen house with an attached chicken run to allow the chickens a safe place to scratch.

Chicken Coop Pricing

Please Note: Chicken coop sizes (dimensions) do not include outside nesting boxes.