Horse Barns & Run Ins

Stall Barns

10x16 Horse Stall Barn with Feed Room

The Stall Barn is an enclosed shelter to keep your animals safe and protected. Whether you are limited in stall space in your main barn or don't have a barn and need a place to keep your animal safe, the stall barn is an excellent & economical option. The stall barn is available in many sizes.   



Our Run-In sheds are constructed of top quality oak post and beam style frame with beautiful Board & Batten siding on the outside. A 6x6 pressure treated base provides the structure foundation. We install a solid oak kick-board inside to protect from wear & tear of horses or other animals. A center partition wall can be added for double wide run-in sheds. 

Modular Barns

Center Aisle Modular Barn

Center aisle modular barns are available from 30x24 to 36x60 and every size in between! Whether you need 4 stalls or 12 we have what you need. Stop by, call or e-mail us today for a free quote on our beautiful Amish crafted barns today!

Stall/Run-In Combo


The Run-In Stall Combo is a great option for the hobby farmer or adding additional space for any livestock. With the option of allowing your animals pasture freedom with shelter availability from sun and bad weather or keeping them enclosed, this is the best of economical solutions. A storage or  feed room is conveniently attached to make caring for your animals so much easier.  

Metal Run-Ins


If you don't want the maintenance associated with our standard Board & Batten horse structures we also offer metal sided Run-In sheds. You'll get the same quality constructed framing & base along with the solid oak kick-boards without the need to paint or stain every few years. Chose between one color or a combination of two. See 1 color pricing below, stop by or call today for pricing on metal structures with 2 colors.  

Lean-To's & Overhangs


Give you and your livestock protection from the sun, rain & other bad weather with an 8' or 10'  lean-to or a 3 1/2' front overhang. Our hinged roof design on our lean-to's allow hauling a larger assembled barn saving you money on stick building the entire unit. Build on site rates will apply to erect the lean-to but are comparatively minimal.   


Horse Structure Information

Delivery & Set-Up

Horse structures are designed to sit directly on the ground, blocking is not recommended. The area you want to place the barn or run-in should have a pad of stone dust or other fine stone, tamped down until it is evenly distributed, flat & level. We recommend stone dust rather than gravel because it is easier on your horse's feet and will shift less as they move around. Ideally the pad should be 3-4" deep and 1 foot larger than the perimeter of the structure. Extending the pad will allow for better drainage around the base of the barn. Rain and/or snow melt dripping off the eaves  will create a muddy area and splash on the barn siding, the stone base prevents this from happening and extends the life of the building. A frame of pressure treated 4x4's, railroad ties or cement blocks will keep the stone in place and create a neater appearance, however it is not required.  

Horse Structure Price List

prices subject to change