Things to Know (Garages)


  • All double wide structures come in (2) 10' or 12' halves, property must be accessible at time of delivery. Please allow for 2' wider than your building if backing straight up & 14' height clearance from tree limbs and power lines, the driver must have enough unobstructed room in front of him to pull out from under the building once placed
  • Prices include delivery & set-up of pre-built structure with wood floors to your *prepared site in the general vicinity of our sales lot (ask sales person about possible additional charges for locations beyond our sales lot)
  • Complete build on site is available for buildings on concrete slabs instead of wood floors, see sales person for additional costs. We DO NOT provide concrete
  • Any double wide with a roof pitch greater than 3/12, roof will be assembled on site due to hauling restrictions on height, additional charges will apply
  • ALL Two-Story buildings with wood floors include a built on site charge due to hauling restrictions on roof height, roof will be assembled on site
  • Any Standard or Classic double wide over 24' in length will require your choice of either center post or wing walls on each end for structural stability
  • Permit requirements vary widely depending upon county, it is the responsibility of the property  owner to understand and comply with local zoning, building codes and regulations. It may be deemed necessary to upgrade, add or change some structural elements to meet code and/or pass inspection. If this is the case please let us know what is expected  prior to placing order so adjustments can be  made, most changes will result in additional charges
  • In order to get max height on the garage doors, they must be placed on the gable end. If a side load garage is desired, the door will be approximately 6' tall
  • Max width on all double wide structures is 24', this includes pre-built AND built on site buildings

*Prepared Site

When installing a double wide garage it is strongly recommended to have a LEVEL stone pad installed prior to delivery unless using a poured concrete foundation. We recommend using 3/4" bluestone 4-6" in depth at least 1 foot larger than the size of your garage (i.e.: a 24x28 garage should have a pad measurement of 25x29 or larger). Doing this will assist with water drainage, prolonged life of the ground skids, added support to the structure and allow for even settling of the unit. Blocking is not recommended for garages

When having a site prepared for a garage it is usually best to hire a professional to ensure best possible results. We can recommend a few individuals that have preformed such work for our customers in the past, they are their own companies and in no way affiliated with or represent Tiger Structures in any capacity. You are under no obligation to use individuals recommended by a representative of Tiger Structures.